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Picture of Videx 1 button entry kit surface(Smart door panel)
A one and two button door entry system including door panel, wall mountable telephone and 13Vac transformer.

Picture of Videx 1 Button low profile surface mono video entry kit  (SMVK1)
The Smart videokit has a compact surface mount door panel design and is available in several versions which include single button, two button, single entrance and two entrance.

Picture of Videx 4K1/GSM
1 Button flush GSM intercom kit including 13Vdc PSU and antenna. Intercom panel in the 4000 Series design with mirror stainless steel faceia and gun metal grey diecast surround.

Picture of Videx 800F Flush 800 2 code 2 relay s/s code lock
Access control device using digital codelock units.

Picture of Videx DK1S 1 button + coded access surface entry kit
1 button + coded access surface entry kit

Picture of Videx EX5P range of keypads
EX5P range of keypads

Picture of Videx Art4850 Stand Alone Proximity Reader
A stand alone proximity access control reader with built in dry contact relay and push to exit button input.

Picture of Videx O2LAPROKIT
Two door Access control kit with PC software for monitoring and programming a system.

Picture of Videx O2LA expansion kit
Extension kit for the O2LA kits.

Picture of Videx VR4K-1(S) 1 button vandal resistant kit
A vandal resistant 1 button intercom kit complete with 3111 white ABS plastic wall mount telephone and 520M PSU.

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